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A Message from Michael Matt, US Coordinator for Notre Dame de Chrétienté

michael matt profile image REV2The American Chapter Returns to Chartres

I’m the U.S. Coordinator for Notre-Dame de Chrétienté—the French organization responsible for the Pentecost Pilgrimage from Paris to Chartres.  I walked this 3-day, 70-mile pilgrimage for the first time in 1991, and I returned to Chartres every year thereafter, until COVID shut it down two years ago.

This is why I’m delighted to announce that the COVID restrictions in France have been lifted, and our French allies have invited us to, once again, walk with them to Chartres in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Hope of Nations

I will be returning to France for the Pentecost Pilgrimage, 2022. My main objective this year is to carry the U.S. flag back to Chartres for the 40th Anniversary of the Pentecost Pilgrimage.

I will be walking the Pilgrimage in thanksgiving to God and Our Lady for having seen us through two of the most difficult years of our lives, for having kept hope alive despite it all, and also in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

I am returning to Chartres at such late notice, quite honestly, as a labor of love and thanksgiving to Our Lady, and I’d be delighted to have you join me and the Remnant Team.

Unfortunately, as this is happening at the last minute, it is too late to organize an official Remnant Tour as we’ve done for the past 30 years.

So, here’s the plan: I will be opening up the US Chapter of Our Lady of Guadalupe to anyone who wishes to join us. I will NOT, however, be chartering airfare and we will NOT be providing hotel accommodations, as it is too close to D-Day to safely handle those arrangements for a large group.

For questions or to register by phone, call (651) 433-5425.

The Pilgrimage will take place on June 4 – 6, 2022. The walk will commence in Paris at the Church of Saint Sulpice at 7:00 am.

God willing, I’ll see you on the Road to Chartres.

Michael J. Matt
US Coordinator


Michael Davies and Michael Matt walked the pilgrimage together throughout the 1990s.

The annual Chartres Pilgrimage is the most important Traditional Catholic event happening anywhere in the world today. - Michael Davies

What to Expect

Remnant Tours is a subsidiary company of The Remnant—the oldest Traditional Catholic newspaper in the world.

Established in 1984, Remnant Tours has as its mission to bring Catholics on pilgrimage to the most holy places on earth. This has included the Holy Land, Rome, Lourdes, La Salette, Santiago de Compostela, Lisieux, Ars, the Vendee, Our Lady of Knock, Malta, Fatima and so many other places of great Christian significance.

Our primary annual event centers around the Pentecost Pilgrimage from Paris to Chartres, organized by Notre-Dame de Chretiente. We established the U.S. Chapter of Our Lady of Guadalupe back in 1991 and have returned to Chartres every year since.

Our post-Chartres pilgrimages includes bus tours to the most famous and holy shrines in Europe, the idea being to create a Catholic microcosm, an immersion program, where our historians and guides can teach and demonstrate authentic Catholic history to help dispel the black legends of anti-Catholicism.

Of course, our chaplains offer the Traditional Latin Mass only and every day during our pilgrimages.

We hope you’ll join us!


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